Who We Are

This is what we care about. We plant seeds that one day will grow.
We water seeds already planted, knowing that they hold future promise
— Archbishop Oscar Romero

Dignity Health - California Hospital Medical Center

LA Best Babies Network coordinates the work of organizations that are dedicated to improving the health of pregnant women, newborns and their families. Launched as part of First 5 LA’s Healthy Births Initiative and based at Dignity Health - California Hospital Medical Center — the Network works to ensure that high-quality perinatal care and social support are available to all families throughout Los Angeles County. To achieve this goal, the Network focuses on the five interrelated strategies of the Healthy Births Initiative:

Caring for Mothers-To-Be
The Best Babies Collaboratives consist of more than 40 agencies in priority communities that are working together to improve and expand coordinated interconception care (care between pregnancies) through intensive case management, outreach, social support and health education.

Improving the Quality of Perinatal Care
The Perinatal Health Collaborative of LA is a cooperative effort among caregivers to provide a standard of comprehensive perinatal care that is respectful of every family's cultural background.

Sharing Knowledge and Resources
Network staff serve as a support system for each collaborative, as well as other strategic partners in the community. This support includes assisting with program planning, project management and training, and providing the latest research, educational materials and web-based data sharing.

Creating a Network of Caregivers and Advocates
The Network links perinatal caregivers and advocates to share knowledge, keep current on best practices and coordinate strategies and solutions.

Advancing Policies that Advance Healthy Births
The Network partners with organizations and communities to identify and implement policy changes aimed at improving the health and well-being of pregnant women, their babies and the community as a whole.

LA Best Babies Network is a community benefit of Dignity Health – California Hospital Medical Center.