For Policy-makers & Advocates

Of all forms of inequality, injustice in healthcare is the most shocking and inhumane.

—Martin Luther King, Jr.



LA Best Babies Network partners with a range of organizations and communities to identify and implement policy changes that can significantly improve the lives of pregnant women, their babies and their communities.

The Network is focused on issues of access to care, quality of care, reducing health disparities, and improving policies in all environments where women are found, including the workplace.

LA Best Babies Network and its policy partners strive to increase awareness of perinatal and pre- and interconception issues among elected policy makers. These issues include health insurance coverage for women and children, quality of prenatal care, universal home visitation, and universal depression screening.

LA Best Babies Network and its policy partners have identified the following priorities, and urge policy-makers to support legislation that:

  • Promotes preconception and interconception health and health care, supporting every woman in having a reproductive life plan.
  • Builds upon and strengthens comprehensive perinatal services for all women, and improves the quality of prenatal care.
  • Promotes universal home visitation and the integration of perinatal services.
  • Promotes universal screening and treatment for perinatal depression.
  • Promotes risk-appropriate perinatal care.
  • Assures that every eligible newborn be enrolled in Medi-Cal before leaving the hospital.

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