Frequently Asked Questions About Home Visitation

Q: What is targeted home visitation?

A: There are two types of home visitation: universal and targeted (or selected needs). Targeted home visitation programs offer specialized services and interventions tailored to families with certain risk factors, such as poverty, child abuse or neglect.

Q: What is universal home visitation?

A: Universal home visitation is a voluntary program that offers preventive care, education, and screening services to all families regardless of their socio-economic status or risk factors. If risk factors are detected during the home visit, the family can then be referred for targeted services.

Q: What is Welcome Baby?

A: Welcome Baby! is an initiative of First 5 LA. It is a free, universal home visitation pilot available to families in 13 Best Start LA Communities. In September 2010, First 5 LA’s Board of Commissioners decided to expand the Welcome Baby! program from the first Best Start community in Metropolitan Los Angeles, where it is already underway, to the 13 other Best Start communities in L.A. County.

Welcome Baby! goals include:

  • Promoting overall health and wellness during pregnancy and the first year of life
  • Enhancing the capacity of parents to nurture and care for their very young children through greater understanding of their physical and emotional development
  • Increasing breastfeeding rates
  • Ensuring that children have health coverage and receive consistent health care
  • Assisting new parents in achieving a safe and nurturing home environment
  • Enhancing the existing community network of services and fostering community relationships.

Through one-on-one visits from nurses and parent coaches Welcome Baby! aims to enhance the health and wellbeing of mothers and their families. The program provides new parents with information and resources, beginning during the prenatal period and extending through the child's first nine months, that will support them to help their child reach developmental milestones.

Q: What was LA Best Babies Network’s role in the Welcome Baby! pilot strategy?

A: LA Best Babies Network partnered with First 5 LA over a two year period to develop and design the Welcome Baby! pilot.

Q: How can I receive home visits?

A: Please click here for some existing programs and further information.