What are the Best Babies Collaboratives?

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.
Henry Ford

Best Babies Collaboratives provide direct services to at-risk women using the Healthy Births Initiative Core Approaches. BBCs broaden access to -- and improve the quality of -- comprehensive, integrated, continuous care for pregnant women and new mothers.

Best Babies Collaboratives develop service plans that reduce health disparities and improve pregnancy and birth outcomes within targeted communities.

  • BBCs provide intensive case-management to pregnant women and new mothers, enhancing their ability to care for their newborns.
  • The agencies, organizations, and associations that make up the BBCs work to strengthen community support to pregnant women and families, and link them to services and community resources.
  • BBCs collaborate with LA Best Babies Network and fellow BBCs, sharing learning, demonstrating progress, and mobilizing for action.
  • BBCs collaborate in the knowledge that no single agency, organization or individual acting alone can carry out the comprehensive, integrated, multi-level approach needed to improve pregnancy and birth outcomes in a community.

National studies demonstrate that when communities work together, they can increase healthy pregnancies and births. Collaboration strengthens families and the communities they live in, and contributes to a brighter future for all in LA County.

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Best Babies Collaboratives